Dallas Sewer Line Cleaning and Repair Services

Keeping Residential Sewer Lines Clear and Functional

A working sewer line is an essential part of any home plumbing system. Sewer lines collect all of the wastewater funneled through your drains and direct it away from your living spaces, limiting your exposure to hazardous materials and protecting your water supply from contamination.

Central Plumbing And Drains is here to help ensure that your sewer line isn’t just functional but optimal. With years of experience keeping Dallas homes and businesses flowing smoothly, our team knows what it takes to deal with all kinds of cracks, buildup, and other issues that may affect your sewer line. Our approach is simple yet powerful - combining state-of-the-art technology with the warmth and reliability of a family-owned, veteran-led business to offer a seamless service experience. 

From minor clogs to urgent repairs, our comprehensive cleaning and repair services are tailored to address every aspect of sewer line care. With Central Plumbing And Drains, you can trust that your sewer lines are not just in good hands but the best hands.

Does your sewer line need professional attention? Call our Dallas office at (469) 652-8464 to request same-day service!

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How Often Should You Clean Your Sewer Line?

Your optimal sewer line cleaning schedule will depend on several factors, including the age of your home, the types of trees around your property, and your household's typical water usage. For most households, a good rule of thumb is to have your sewer line inspected and cleaned every 18 to 22 months. However, if you have older pipes, large trees with invasive roots nearby, or use a lot of water, you may need more frequent cleanings to prevent potential clogs or backups. 

If you're unsure how often your sewer line should be cleaned, consulting with professional plumbers like the experts at Central Plumbing And Drains is a great idea. We can use advanced video camera inspections to assess your sewer line and recommend a maintenance schedule that ensures your sewer lines remain clear, functional, and free of unexpected problems. 

If it’s time to clean your sewer line, call Central Plumbing And Drains in Dallas at (469) 652-8464 today!

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Does Your Sewer Line Need Repairs?

Identifying a broken, leaking, or otherwise compromised sewer line early can save you from dealing with bigger problems. Like many other plumbing issues, sewer line problems can be fixed faster, more effectively, and more affordably the earlier they’re caught.

Signs of a broken or compromised sewer line include: 

  • Unusual odors: A persistent sewage smell around your property can be a clear sign of a sewer line issue.
  • Slow drains: While a single slow drain might just be a blockage, multiple slow drains can indicate a more significant problem in the sewer line.
  • Gurgling noises: Hearing gurgling sounds from your toilets, drains, or plumbing fixtures can suggest a potential sewer line obstruction.
  • Water damage: Unexplained water pools in your yard, especially around the sewer line path, may point to leaks or breaks.
  • Increased pest presence: An unexpected increase in rodents or insects near sewer lines could be attracted by sewer line damage.

If you notice one or more of these symptoms, reach out to a professional like Central Plumbing And Drains for a thorough inspection and timely repairs.

If you need immediate sewer line repairs, Central Plumbing And Drains is available for emergency services in Dallas and the surrounding areas – call us at (469) 652-8464!

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